3 Useful Facts About Refrigeration Service

refrigeration technician

It’s the biggest and most used appliance in the home and it’s the one appliance we forget about the most. You know when it’s well stocked, you know when it’s empty, but it’s unlikely that you know when it’s time to service your fridge until it’s too late. If you service your fridge regularly, it’s
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5 Signs Your Fridge is Broken – Broken Fridge Repairs

broken fridge

While it is sometimes obvious that your fridge is broken – especially when it is clearly not performing its primary function of cooling! But sometimes your refrigerator can be broken without you realising it. Or there are symptoms that pinpoint that your fridge is about to break. So join the experts at John’s Refair as
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Air Conditioner Repairs Before Summer!

air conditioner repairs

Summer is here and with some comes heat. Which means your air conditioner is about to become your new best friend. But after sitting silent or winter, your air conditioner might be in the need of some maintenance to get it ready for the strains of summer. AC problems tend to come up right when
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Fear the Freeze – Frozen Air Conditioner Repairs

frozen air conditioner

Because we know air conditioners cool down the air, many people ignore frozen indoor components of their air conditioner. However, a frozen air conditioner should definitely be a cause for alarm. If you’re already checking your air conditioner it’s probably because you’ve noticed performance issues. If there are frozen components, that should be your first
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Got the Sniffles? Avoid Allergies with AC Cleaning

AC maintenance

Spring and Summer are the peak allergy seasons, causing havoc for those with hay fever and other allergies. Children, especially, are the most susceptible to allergens. Around 40% of children suffering from some kind of airborne allergy or hay fever. Most people will seek refuge in their homes during allergy season. But what happens if
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DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself: Dangers of DIY Repairs

diy air conditioner repair

DIY projects are all the rage at the moment thanks to our many favourite home renovation projects. If you’re doing minor renovations and decorating, DIY is a great way to save time and money. However, there are some household issues that are expensive – and downright dangerous – to attempt yourself. One of these is
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What is an Air Conditioner Anyway?

Air Conditioner Repair

It’s comforting knowing that you have a reliable air conditioner in your home. On a hot day you can feel assured that your air conditioner can keep you cool and relaxed. How much do you exactly know about your air conditioner? To ensure its reliability, it would be advisable to know how it works. You
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Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

carbon monoxide john's refair

Fire and smoke detection in our homes is, of course, a common safety concern. But there is another silent killer that can lurk in our homes that most people are unaware of: Carbon Monoxide – or CO. What is Carbon Monoxide? Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas. Although it has
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What You Should Know About Air Conditioning Installations!

air conditioning installations John's Refair

We have extensive experience installing air conditioners in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. From residential homes and high rise apartments to commercial offices and shops. A split system air conditioner’s maximum efficiency and long term reliability are directly linked with the quality of the installation. As you will see with some of our examples, installations
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Everyone Wants a Fresh, Clean House Smell!

fresh clean house smell

Did you know most homes and office air conditioning and heating systems can just circulate and bring in fresh air. This brings a fresh and clean environment into your home with the feeling of the outdoors and feeling of spring is in the air. Just open all your doors and windows and turn on your
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Out of Sight/Out of Mind?

out of sight/out of mind john's refair

Everyone has a air conditioner in there home or office. but the only time they look for the control or thermostat is when there home is HOT. Then when they turn it on, some people find it does not work well or not at all. Every September or October home owners or occupiers should check
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Pre-Summer Special!

Pre-Summer special john's refair

Air Conditioning or Evaporative Cooling unit Service @ $120.00  (subject site location). All work is done to manufacturers’ specifications. Don’t lose your 5 Year Warranty! (For the months of October – November, 2015)  

We Are Now Authorised Agents!

authorised agents

John’s Refair is excited to announce that we are now authorised agents of Evoheat Industries! Evoheat Industries and John’s Refair supply pool and spa heaters, and dehumidifier systems! Contact us today if you want to experience what a real indoor pool should feel like!

Getting Cold at Home or in Your Office?

Then it is time to get your heating system checked and serviced now! Call us to book a service for the special price of $120.00 If you have a new a/c or heating system remember manufacturer’s recommend your unit to be service every 12 months so to maintain your warranty conditions of 5 years! (subject
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