The Importance of Air Conditioner Cleaning

Commercial and residential air conditioner cleaning is important to keep your family, staff and customers safe. Keeping your air conditioner clean helps ensure safe air quality for all. It also protects you from costly break downs. But it is often difficult to properly clean and maintain your unit on your own. Join the team at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today as we discuss the importance of professional air conditioner maintenance and cleaning.

Air Conditioner Cleaning for Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew are one of the biggest risks to the health of your family or staff and customers when it comes to commercial air conditioning. Mould, mildew and other contaminants can cause a rise in allergic reactions. It can also be very difficult to get rid of them. It is important to have a professional clean your air conditioner unit to ensure all contaminants are removed.

Further, home cleaning can usually only remove small, surface amounts of dust and allergens from the front of the air conditioner. A professional can properly clean the entire inside of the air conditioner.


Cleaning Air Conditioner Coils

The condenser coils in an air conditioner tend to attract a lot of dust and debris. As a result it is ideal to have them cleaned regularly by professionals. If they are not regularly cleaned, dirty condenser coils can lead to major component damage issues very quickly.

Further, dirty coils can cost you a lot of money in many ways. First, your air conditioner unit can consume more energy, making the system run its components longer and harder. As a result, it makes it difficult to cool your home efficiently. You need a professional who can ensure coils are properly and thoroughly cleaned and wiped down of dust and dirt. This may also include a chemical clean.

Air Conditioner Condenser Unit Cleaning

As well as cleaning the condenser coils in an air conditioner, cleaning the condenser unit is also vital to prevent a build up of dirt and grime. The longer you wait to have your condenser coils and unit cleaned, the dirtier they will get. As a result, the more you will risk running into trouble and expensive emergency break downs and repairs.

Visual Air Conditioner Spot Checks and Maintenance

Having a professional air conditioner repair and maintenance technician inspect and clean your air conditioner is important. They are not only able to clean and inspect the external components of the air conditioner but also the internal functions and components. As a result, your technician can ensure that everything is clean but also running appropriately. Further, they can also spot issues before they become a major emergency, saving you money in the long run. This is particularly important for commercial air conditioners as a break down can cause serious discomfort and issues for your business.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Cleaning Air Conditioner Ventilation

Keeping vents free from dust and obstructions is incredibly important. This ensures airflow isn’t obstructed which might cause temperature issues, overheating, a strain on the internal workings and emergency breakdown of your unit. As a result, it is important to ensure they are clean. You can do this yourself by vacuuming the outside components of the air conditioner. However, to ensure a thorough cleaning of the unit you should ensure it is regularly checked by a professional technician.

Prevent Emergency Air Conditioner Breakdown

At The height of summer, the worst ting that can happen is your air conditioner breaking down. Commercial air conditioners are especially prone to break down. This is due to their constant use and are difficult to deal with in an emergency.

As a result, you should schedule regular cleaning and maintenance by a professional technician. This helps reduce wear on the system and ensure critical parts don’t break down. Cleaning evaporative cooling systems and condenser coils, for example, reduces the load on the compressor and minimises the risk of your air conditioner unit failing.

Cleaning to Reduce Air Conditioner Energy Bills

Regularly scheduling air conditioner cleaning and maintenance can save you up to 5-10% on energy costs and keeps your air conditioner running at its peak performance. However, when the inner workings are dirty or full of contaminants, they must work harder to cool your home, using more energy. A professional from Johns Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can check help you ensure your air conditioner is working at maximum efficiency with minimum power consumption.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Prolong the Life of your Air Conditioner

Regular maintenance not only ensures your equipment works efficiently it also helps ensures it lasts longer. Dirty equipment is a vicious cycle – when parts are worn and dirty, an air conditioner runs harder, causing more wear and tear on its parts. Eventually it breaks down entirely, requiring costly repairs or replacement.

Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning Professionals

Few people realise that regular servicing is required for the best performance of your air conditioner, as well as often a condition of your warranty. It is important to schedule regular maintenance with professionals like Johns Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today. This ensures you are always able to find someone to help service your air conditioner and find any issues before you need expensive repair or replacement. Contact us today if you would like to explore your maintenance and cleaning options today!