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Quality Refrigerated Air Conditioning in Melbourne

Keep comfortable all year long, with our effective temperature solutions.

Welcome to John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PL, where all of your cooling, heating, refrigeration and electrical contractor needs are covered!

Our Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service

As the name suggests, our company provides a range of heating, electrical, refrigeration and air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance services. Since we cater for domestic, commercial, industrial and specialist applications (such as laboratory equipment), our professional team can provide the service you require.

We can guarantee a maximum time of three hours to respond to your heating, cooling or refrigeration problems. Just ring our 24hr number and give us a try ( you won’t be disappointed!)

Our servicemen

Our team’s level of experience extends 30 years in the industry, servicing all aspects of design, installation and repairs. Our technicians are fully qualified and have a policy for customer satisfaction.

Speedy Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Repairs

Our company takes pride in its communications and technical support system. This allows us to provide effective refrigerated air conditioning servicing throughout Melbourne. Our system consists of a 24hr, mobile phone number, which is answered by the service person who is on call. All service personnel carry a phone and laptops with email and internet connections. They are willing to respond to any breakdown without hesitation. All service personal have 24hr access to all the authorised product service manuals and tech support so we can perform emergency air conditioner repairs, ASAP.

Our company is registered and ARCtick Certified


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If your need heating, refrigeration or air conditioner servicing in Melbourne, call us today.

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