Air Conditioner Installation

Professional Air Conditioner Installation Melbourne

We have extensive experience with air conditioner installation in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. From residential homes and high rise apartments to commercial offices and shops, we will meet all your expectations. Further, our installations are quick, safe and professional, so you know you are in safe hands with our technicians.

A split system air conditioner’s maximum efficiency and long term reliability directly link with the quality of the installation. As a result, John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning only uses qualified, expert technicians to install your system. We also service all Melbourne suburbs and are dedicated to providing competitive prices.

As you will see with some of our examples, installations can vary considerably. Whether it be noise factors, visual considerations or concerns about limiting access or space around your home, it is really helpful to get an idea of what can and can’t be done, and the options you have to make sure you are happy with the locations of both the indoor and outdoor units.

Air Conditioner Installation Melbourne

All the wall split systems listed on the website include back to back installation in the price. If your installation varies from a standard back to back, browsing our installation examples will give you a good idea on how much it may cost you depending on your situation.

We all want our homes to be comfortable – cool from the heat of our Australian summer and warm throughout winter. As a result we have a range of high quality, reverse cycle air conditioners that both heat and cool, so your home will be ready for any temperature. Further, our qualified technicians are confidently able to install air conditioning systems in all buildings from residential homes to large, multi-storey buildings. We stock different sizes to suit any room or area and all our prices include full installation. Contact us today!