The 4 Best Home Air Conditioning Units to Keep You Cool This Summer

In Australia we know how important it is to keep cool in summer. A good quality, efficient home air conditioning system is a must! But trying to escape the heat of summer can mean a higher energy bill if you don’t have the right system. So if you want to keep cool this summer and avoid high energy bills, here are our top four suggestions for home air conditioning systems this summer!

home air conditioning installation1: Midea

Our first recommendation is Midea for home air conditioning. The quiet design means that indoor unit noise is reduced without compromising the unit’s airflow. It also features an auto restart – if your power turns off unexpectedly due to power failure, the Midea will restart the previous settings as soon as power returns. This means you don’t need to worry about resetting the air conditioner or fumbling in the dark!

Further, the Midea system offers two simple options that can help make your experience more comfortable. The Anti-Cold Air program prevents cold air blowing out at the beginning of the operation, so you don’t get a freezing blast in the face as you turn on your home air conditioning system. The Fresh Air Switch improves the air quality of the system – an important factor in Australian summers. Recycled air causes you and your family headaches. The Midea Fresh Air Switch ensures fresh air is pumped through your home instead, improving air quality.

home air conditioning2: Mitsubishi

Australia has one of the harshest climates in the world. And you need a home air conditioning system that can beat the heat.  Mitsubishi make air conditioners built for our Australian climates. With a focus on reliability, and performance, Mitsubishi is one of the quietest air conditioners on the market. The innovative system means that you save up to 30% on energy costs over other systems on the market.

Providing the ultimate in comfort all year round, a Mitsubishi home air conditioning system is the best value for money. This is especially true for smaller homes and apartments. It is the best effective and reliable choice for keeping your home cool this summer. Quiet Mode ensures you won’t be disturbed by your home air conditioning system during the hot nights this summer! WiFi control means you can adjust the system no matter where you are in the house! This is ideal for those who are sensitive to heat and cold, like children and the elderly.

home air conditioning installation3: Carrier

Founded in 1902, Carrier’s home air conditioning systems are specifically designed to heat and cool your home. It is easily fitted into any home and features a very low operating sound. Carrier’s inverter technology means you can balance efficiency while maintaining a comfortable climate in your home. These home air conditioning system feature high energy efficiency and rapid heating or cooling, with precise temperature control.

Carrier home air conditioning systems are reliable, energy efficient and noise free, making them a perfect choice for homes of all sizes. These systems are also never restricted when it comes to space, available in compact sizes for smaller apartments and units. Carrier also features low power consumption, amazing air filtration and rapid operating speed which means you’ll be cooler – or warmer – faster! And as one of the cheaper options on the market they are fantastic for new homes and first home buyers who want to be comfortable without breaking the bank!

4: Toshibahome air conditioning system

The first company to use inverter technology in 1981, Toshiba is one of the best options on the market today. Maintaining their technological advantage is important to Toshiba, and this results in top of the line home air conditioning systems for your home! Toshiba has combined two technologies to create the modern DC Hybrid Inverter. This new piece of technology can read the conditions of the room to pick the better of two control methods. This ensures your home air conditioning system is working at the highest capacity with the lowest running costs.

Toshiba has also introduced two new technologies – PAM and PWM. PAM is much like a turbo engine in a car. It sets the compressor to maximum power which provides faster cooling. As a result, you will get your desired temperature faster. PWM balances the compressor speed to ensure high speed when cooling and low speed when maintaining your chosen temperature. A kind of “cruise control” for your home air conditioning system, PWM lets you maintain a temperature with less energy consumption.

It is important to stay cool all summer, so whether you need a new system installed or an update to your current system, John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PL can help! We stock a wide range of air conditioning units and our expert technicians will ensure all installations are quick, simple and professional. Further, we service all areas of Melbourne!

If you need more help choosing the perfect home air conditioning system for your home or if you are looking for help installing your new system, feel free to contact us today!