Keeping Out the Chill – Our Ten Tips This Winter


As winter creeps in our thoughts turn away from the air conditioning to keeping warm. There’s nothing better on a cold winter night than a warm house, blanket and a mug of tea or coffee. But have you really prepared for winter? Too many people forget that their heating system needs maintenance just like our air conditioning. So here are John Refair’s top 10 Tips to Prepare for Winter!

1: Check Your Home for Draughts

Draughts can form anywhere, but especially under doors and around window sealings. Air leaks leech hot air from your home and drive up your energy bill. Keep the warm air in your home by making sure all draughts are blocked up well before winter! It is also a good idea to check that all rooms are properly insulated to stop your energy bill skyrocketing this winter.

2: Check Your Ducts!

Damaged or split ducts can leech up to 20% of the heat from your home. It is absolutely worth the time to get your ducts checked, sealed, or reinsulated. Further, heating ducts and pipes are prime areas for rodents and bugs to nest. This causes damage to your heating and can cause health issues for your family. You should really get your ducts checked every year before winter to ensure everything is in top working order.

3: Don’t Try to Heat Your Home “Faster”

Too many people try to heat their homes quickly by turning the temperature up too high before dropping it down. This forces the heater to use a lot of energy to raise the temperature in the home too high. This costs you more in heating bills than letting your house warm up slowly. Be patient and let your home slowly rise to a comfortable temperature.

4: Don’t Turn Your Heating Off

Turning your heating off drops the temperature in the home to the same – or lower – temperature as the outside. This means it will take a lot longer, more energy, and more money to heat up your home. Instead, turn your temperature down a little during the night and when you go out. It will keep your home warm and it means you can bring the temperature up without using too much energy. As a result, your energy bill will be less than when you turn your heating off. This will save you money in the long run and keep you comfortable all night long.

heating5: Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats are a fantastic way to maintain a warm, liveable temperature in your home during winter, without racking up a huge energy bill. You can set your temperature to drop while you’re at work or sleeping and raise it when you’re home. This is far more energy efficient and less vicious on your energy bill!

6: Don’t Leave Your Heater/Thermostat at the Same Temperature

Leaving your heating at the same temperature all day and night means you are wasting energy and money. A good rule of thumb is to set your temperature back 10 degrees during the day while you are out, and 8 degrees at night while you’re sleeping. This way you will stay comfortable all day and all night, without causing your energy bill to sky rocket.

7: Don’t Micro-Manage Your Thermostat/Heater

While we do suggest you adjust your heating down while you are out of the house or sleeping, don’t micro-manage it. While you’re at home, find a comfortable temperature and leave that heating alone!

8: Get a Professional to Check Your Heating System

Home and office heating systems can leak harmful Carbon Monoxide. This silent, deadly gas can cause red eyes, headaches, restricted breathing, and death if you are exposed to it for a long time. Many people have no idea they’re being silently poisoned until they have their heating systems checked. It is important to your health that you have your heating system checked by a professional at least once a year.

9: Close Off the Right Areas of Your Home

Closing off rooms in your house and stopping the hot air from flowing freely can cause pockets of cold air in your home that make it harder for you to heat your house. However, you should ensure that room that are uninsulated – like your garage – are well sealed off from the rest of the home to stop cold air seeping in.

10: Get a Service!

It is always best to get your heating system checked regularly, at least once a year, in preparation for winter. This way you ensure that your heating is in top working order without the risk of disease from rodents and the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. John’s Refair can help you with your heating needs, including regular inspections and repairs to your heating system. Keep your home and family happy this winter; Contact Us today!