5 Signs Your Fridge is Broken – Broken Fridge Repairs

broken fridge

While it is sometimes obvious that your fridge is broken – especially when it is clearly not performing its primary function of cooling! But sometimes your refrigerator can be broken without you realising it. Or there are symptoms that pinpoint that your fridge is about to break. So join the experts at John’s Refair as we discuss the top 5 signs of a broken fridge – or one that is in need of repair.

1: My Fridge is Noisy?

While a brand new fridge will make noise, it should not sound like it’s about to vibrate out of the kitchen! If your fridge is making loud noises this could signal a build up of ice, a bad fan motor or blade, or a noisy condenser. If you hear any strange noises, it is best to have someone look at your fridge as soon as possible!

2: No Water Coming Out of The Dispenser

Many modern fridges are equipped with a water dispenser. Simply press a button and you can get ice cool water. However, water dispensers on older fridges can be more trouble than they are worth. If your dispenser is not dispensing water, then the most likely culprit is a clogged water filter.

Over time, the water filter can collect and store debris – as well as contaminants – which is designed to filter out. As a result, the filter needs to be changed regularly. While newer fridges feature a sensor that lets you know when it needs cleaning, older fridges do not. Routine maintenance, done by a professional, is recommended to stop your water filter clogging before it happens.

broken fridge

3: Fridge Constantly Running or Cycling

Your fridge is one of the most power hungry appliances in your home. So when your fridge runs more than it should can make your energy bill skyrocket. While the constant hum of your fridge might be comforting – after all that must mean it is working! – what it actually means is it needs cleaning, and fast! At best, the fridge might just need a good clean up from behind and underneath – just ease it out from the wall and do a good, thorough vacuum. However, at worse, you may need the condenser coils cleaned, which requires a professional.

4: Warm Fridge

If you notice that your food is growing mould or the inside smells when you open it, it is possible that the cooling system in the fridge is not working properly. The first thing to check is if the temperature setting is wrong. Sometimes a simple adjustment can fix the issue.

If the temperature is correct but the fridge is still not cooling, then you may need to get a professional. Your fridge might need to have the coils cleaned or the fridge seals replaced. Fridge seals, especially, can let warm air in and completely contradict the fridge’s cooling power. Finally if your issue is not a seal or condenser coils, you may have a serious issue with a blockage or motor. As such, it is best to get a professional to assess your fridge.

5: Fridge Water Leaks

As you can imagine, water pooling under the fridge is not a good sign. While it is one of the most irritating problems to deal with, it is also often the easiest to fix. Water leakage is typically due to two possible problems. It could be a blocked or clogged defrost drain or it could be a clogged water line. This happens when food or debris clog up the hose and that can lead to ice build up. This, of course, eventually results in water leaking out of the freezer.

Repair or Replace a Broken Fridge?

Sometimes there are issues with your fridge that you can live with. Problems like shelves that need replacing, but are good enough for now, or a cracked vegetable drawer. However, there are problems where issues are bad enough that you need to consider replacement. You need to decide whether it is an issue you can deal with or if you need a professional fridge repair– or if you simply need a new fridge entirely.

broken fridge

If you are dealing with the issues we’ve discussed today, then your fridge can most likely be repaired. However, older fridges are one of the most power hungry items in your home. If your fridge is older – possibly even predating energy ratings – then it might be a better option to replace it. While it is expensive to replace a fridge, in the long run, you will save hundreds on your power bills!

If you are unsure if your fridge needs to be repaired or replaced, then contact the team at John’s Refair. We can help you assess what problems your fridge has, make any necessary repairs, or advise you on the best fridge to replace your current one!