Brands We Service at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Are you looking for a new heating or cooling system? Or do you need repairs or maintenance on your existing system? John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning team of specialist service technicians deal in a range of brands. We also service clients all across Melbourne to ensure you are comfortable all year round.

With so many brands on offer, John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the only repair and installation service you need. We ensure your appliances run perfectly all year round. Explore the range of brands we service, install and supply below.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi is one of the most recognised brands when it comes to heating and cooling. Many homes across Australia rely on Mitsubishi branded products to keep their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As a result, John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning relies on their many years of experience to ensure your system remains working beautifully in your home. Further, by booking a routine service for your Mitsubishi system, you can ensure that it remains in optimum working order to lower the chance of an urgent repair. We are also available for emergency repairs across Melbourne.

Our team are experts in all types of Mitsubishi air conditioning units. This includes wall splits, cassettes, ducted split systems, and VRF systems. John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning also supplies, services, installs, and does all warranty works for Mitsubishi products.

Castel Electronic Products

Castel Electronic Products

The team at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have extensive experience in the Castel Electronic Products range. This includes all the brands under their umbrella, including TCL, Media Wall Split and Ducted A/C systems, DAEWOO Fridges, and Whirlpool white goods, as well as their full range of fridges and freezers.

If you need help with your Castel Electronic products, contact the team today for help, advice, repairs, maintenance, and installation.

Electrolux Home Products

Electrolux Home Products

Electrolux Home manufactures a wide range of products from basic to high-tech, suitable for the entire home. John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning offers services for a range of Electrolux products. This includes Westinghouse, Kelvinator, LG Products, Hoover, Simpson, Dishlex, and Chef.

If you have any of these products in your home, we can help you with anything, from simple maintenance to repairs and replacements.



Acson has continued to bring innovative technology and an excellent cooling experience for their customers. Since 1984, Acson has been selling high-quality air conditioners to accessories.

The team at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are experts when it comes to products from Acson. These are both residential and commercial driven systems, as well as packaged systems. Our team specialises in independent air conditioning solutions, and heating and cooling systems. You can also contact us today for more information on how we can help you with these brands.

Midea brands we service


Midea promises to provide surprisingly friendly solutions with all their products, and it shows in their range of sophisticated HVAC systems. They are not only known for their domestic air conditioning but also their sophisticated solutions for large and small commercial enterprises.

As a result, our team specialises in repairs, installations, and maintenance for Midea commercial and domestic systems. This includes the MDV range. Contact us today for more information.



For over 60 years, Saiver has always pushed to innovate themselves and their amazing products. Their products have always stood out as they have always been the expression of cutting edge technology. Saiver focuses on the process of innovation in both their products and within the company. They pride themselves on continued evolution.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning specialises in repairs, installation, and maintenance for all Saiver products, both commercial and domestic.

Williams Refrigeration Products

Williams Refrigeration Products

Williams Refrigeration has been a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of professional refrigeration since 1980. They have a reputation for delivering global excellence and producing the best in professional refrigeration for the catering industry, especially restaurants, pubs, schools, and hospitals.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning includes servicing, repairing and maintaining commercial and domestic Williams refrigeration systems.

Exquisite Products

Exquisite Products

Since 2004, Exquisite Products has supplied a commercial refrigeration range that fits whole commercial kitchen needs, display refrigeration for stores, medical refrigeration, as well as other refrigeration products.

They aim to provide clients with high-quality equipment that performs exceptionally well in diverse climates. John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are trusted service technicians of Exquisite Products, including their full range of commercial and domestic refrigeration white goods.

Tecma Lemair brands we service

Tecma Lemair

Tecma Lemair focuses on bringing the Australian public the best in domestic appliances, including washers, freezers, and refrigerators. Initially an Australian brand, they focus on providing fantastic products at an unbeatable price. That is why John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are proud to work with these fantastic products.

Our technicians specialise in working on domestic refrigeration, freezers, and air conditioning units. Contact us today for more information on our maintenance, repair, and installation services for Tecma Lemair products.

Kleenmaid St George brands we service

Kleenmaid St George

Since 1984, Kleenmaid has been the driving force behind the excellence in home refrigeration and freezers. As such, they demand precision in every product bearing the Kleenmaid name. So it only stands to reason that you want technicians who understand this need for perfection.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have extensive experience working with the Kleenmaid brand, focusing on domestic refrigeration and freezer repair, maintenance and installation.

Seeley International Products

Seeley International Products

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are proud installers and providers of Seeley International products. This includes a wide range of their innovative brands, including Breezair, Cool air, Convair evaporative coolers, Braemar heating and cooling systems, Airwell air conditioning products, and Tudor Romeo brand products.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technicians specialise in installing, repairing and providing maintenance for these innovative products to ensure they stay running beautifully all year round.


Samsung Products

Samsung uses their expertise in electronics to create innovative modern appliances, including smart home units, with thoughtful designs. This brand is one that John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning sees on a daily basis and enjoys working on. We also provide these fantastic appliances.

If you need a speedy repair for your Samsung appliances, then the John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning expert technicians are your best choice. Our expertise includes domestic refrigeration, freezers, and air conditioning.

General Electric

General Electric Products

General Electric (also known as GE) Appliances have made it their business to understand the realities of modern life, which is why they design appliances that work in service of you. By understanding what you need and exactly what you don’t, their appliances have practical features and are designed for real life. Their world class refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, washers, and dryers are created to make everyday life easier.

GE Appliances define trends and simplify routines. They are perfect to upgrade the look and feel of the living space. You will also love their ingenuity and innovation with next-generation features to solve real-life needs. John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are proud supporters of GE Appliances. This includes domestic refrigeration, freezers, and air conditioning units.

Maytag Appliance Products

Maytag is proud of creating tough and hardworking appliances you can depend on. Whether you have a Maytag refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven, they offer lifelong reliability and efficiency. To ensure your Maytag appliances remain dependable, you must keep them updated and maintained.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning provides support for Maytag appliances, including domestic refrigeration, freezer, and air conditioning units. Our technicians can provide you with installation, repairs, and maintenance support.

Bromic Refrigeration brands we service

Bromic Refrigeration Products

Bromic Refrigeration supplies quality, reliable products, engineered specific and refined to meet your individual requirements. They are the leading supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment, direct to some of Australia’s largest corporate and franchise chains. The Bromic range includes glass door display merchandisers, display freezers, ice machines, modular coolroom systems, and more. Bromic is also the exclusive importer of high quality products from renowned manufacturers including Iarp, Simag, Jordao, and Zanotti.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning specialise in commercial refrigeration and freezers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your Bromic Refrigeration products.

Aqualife Water Filtration

Aqualife Water Filtration

Aqualife is a boutique Australian water treatment company specialising in manufacturing compact reverse osmosis water systems. Established more than 20 years ago, they pride themselves on their technical innovation and offer a carefully curated range of innovative products. This includes products that are specifically designed for the medical and dental industries, commercial food and beverage industries, offices, public spaces, and at-home markets. Aqualife has also partnered with leading academic institutions and water industry authorities.

Aqualife understands water is an essential, natural resource that can be contaminated by natural and man-made chemicals. These contaminants can be controlled by progressive filtration technologies, reviving them to a healthy and acceptable water supply through Aqualife’s water filtration products. John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning technicians specialise in installing, repairing and maintaining domestic, commercial, and industrial Aqualife water filtration systems. Contact us today for more information.

carrier brands we service

Carrier Air Conditioning Products and Equipment

As one of the longest-running and esteemed manufacturers of air conditioning products, Carrier is a reliable, innovative and comfortable solution to all your air conditioning needs. Further, their range of sleek, modern and energy-efficient units are a popular choice for everyday Australians and boast plenty of useful features.

The team at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning have the experience to install Carrier air conditioners and can walk you through how to use these products. We have the know-how and the skill to keep your Carrier unit running all through Summer.

metalflex brands we service

Metalflex Products and Equipment

Metalflex is one of Australia’s leading heating and cooling wholesalers and distributors. From their supply of Myzone climate control systems to their selection of Kaden heating and cooling systems, Metalflex offers a range of high-quality products.

Here at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge of Metalflex installation and repair. Whether you are looking to have a new system installed or simply in need of maintenance, we have you covered.

accent air brands we service

Accent Air – Air Conditioning Equipment

Accent Air offers a leading understanding of air conditioning parts, offering a wide range of parts to work with many replacements.  So, when need be, John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can identify, order, and install any replacement part you need for an Accent Air AC unit. Our technicians can answer any questions you may have about your Accent Air product and give you expert advice and service.

sharp brands we service

Sharp Corporation Products

The engineers at the Sharp Corporation have created a variety of essential and efficient products found in homes all over Australia and the world. From air conditioning units and refrigerators to white goods and electronic products, the Sharp Corporation design and manufacturing philosophy can be found throughout their designs.

At John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, our knowledge on how to best service Sharp products allows us to help you and offer only the best advice.

teco brands we service

TECO Australia Products

For over 30 years, TECO Australia has been the market leader in Australia for manufacturing home appliances. Their extensive range of high-quality air conditioners, fridges, freezers and laundry appliances are designed with reliability and innovation in mind. From split systems, portable air conditioners and commercial cassette systems to home refrigerators and bar fridges, TECO products are amongst the most popular choices for Australian consumers.

Our understanding of TECO’s design principles allows the experienced team at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning to expertly install and service their wide range of products, ensuring your appliance is long-lasting and works perfectly.


Toshiba Australia Products

The world-renown electronics and appliance manufacturer Toshiba boasts an excellent range of air conditioning and refrigeration products. With innovative features, sleek designs and long-life reliability, it’s no surprise that Toshiba appliances are also the energy-efficient solution sought after worldwide. Their line of split system and ducted system products provide flexible in-home temperature control, offering you comfort all year round. What’s more, Toshiba’s ever-evolving line of refrigeration products provides optimal storage, practical features and superb modern designs.

Let the technicians at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning help you install and maintain your choice of Toshiba products. We can help you take your home to the next level.


Daikin Australia Products

Daikin Australia offers affordable and modern solutions to all of your heating and cooling needs. Known to be one of the most trusted air conditioning producers in Australia, you’ll find Daikin products in many homes and businesses. For over 50 years, Daikin has been designing products to help Australians deal with the extremes of our harsh climate. As a result, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer, your home will always be comfortable with a Daikin air conditioner.

At John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we are proud to work alongside our fellow Australians, so installing and servicing Daikin products is our bread and butter.

york australia

York Australia Products

York Australia specialises in crafting dependable, energy-efficient and quiet heating and cooling systems. The reliability of their products is also second to none. And at affordable prices, you’ll find that homes all over Australia using York products. With a range of innovative thermostats and controls, a wide selection of split systems and a plentiful supply of parts, there are so many reasons to invest in a York air conditioning product.

Let the experts at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning give you the best advice on what York product will suit your home. We can also offer the best professional installation and servicing around.


Miele Products

With a rich lineage of household appliance manufacturing, it should come as no surprise that the range of products at Miele are some of the most durable, well designed and easy to use appliances to be found in any home. From kitchen appliances, like dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators to laundry appliances like washers and dryers, you can get everything you need at Miele.

To that end, we at  John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning understand how many homes stock Miele refrigerators. Our technicians have comprehensive knowledge of installing and servicing Miele refrigeration products and can assist you with whatever you need.


Sanyo Products

Having once manufactured a range of reliable and efficient air conditioners, Sanyo branded products still exist in homes all over Australia. Now a subsidiary of the Panasonic group, Sanyo may no longer be a household name, but we at John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can still help these long-life devices.

Whether your old system needs repair or just a standard service, we have the experience and skillset to make your Sanyo air condition feel brand new.


FAGOR Industrial Products

As a leading European manufacturers of commercial refrigeration, Fagor offers a comprehensive range of products for commercial and industrial kitchens. Their rangeincludes everything from refrigerated cabinets and counters to coolers, chillers and display cabinets. Further, any commercial kitchen boasting Fagor made products know they are using high performing, energy-efficient, and innovative products.

Our expert team understands that appliances that in a successful kitchen, appliances must run smoothly. That’s why we are proud to offer precise installation and swift repair services.


Actron Air

Since 1984, Actron Air has been raising the bar for innovation within the air conditioning industry. Established in 1984, this family-owned business has earned the title of Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning company. Actron Air also offers a wide range of energy efficient solutions. These include everything from durable commercial AC packages and split systems to modern cassette systems and control systems.

Our team made it our mission to understand how to install, repair, and maintain all Actron products. As a result, we ensure that Australian homes and businesses are looked after.