The Ultimate Guide to Ducted Heating Installation and Ducted Heating Repairs

Ducted heating installation and repair is a complex and sometimes expensive process.



It involves the installation of ducting, vents, and a heat source such as a furnace or boiler. Depending on the size of your home and the scope of the project, you may need to hire a professional for help. Professional installers will be able to assist you in selecting the right system for your needs and ensure that it is installed correctly. They can also provide advice on the maintenance and operation of the system once it’s been installed. With proper maintenance, your ducted heating system can last for many years, providing comfortable temperatures throughout your home all year long.

Keeping your home warm and cozy during the cold winter months is essential, but it can also be expensive. Fortunately, a ducted gas heating system is an effective and efficient way to heat your home while also saving you money on your energy bills.

A ducted heating system is a type of central heating that uses ducts to distribute warm air throughout the entire house. Unlike other heating systems, such as electric heaters or wood-burning stoves, a ducted gas heating system is more energy-efficient and can quickly heat up an entire house.

The installation of a ducted heating system is crucial to ensure that it is efficient and safe. A professional gas heater installer should install the system, as they are familiar with the complexities of the installation process. They will also ensure that the system is correctly installed and that there are no gas leaks.

One of the significant benefits of a ducted heating system is that it can also provide cooling during the summer months. This is done through a reverse cycle system that allows the warm air to be pumped out and the cool air to be pumped in, providing year-round comfort.

The heating capacity of a ducted heating system is another benefit that homeowners appreciate. It can heat up an entire house or individual zones, which is especially useful if you only want to heat a single room. The ability to control the temperature of each room using a single thermostat is also an advantage, as it helps to save money on energy bills.

Energy ratings and star ratings are essential considerations when purchasing a ducted gas heating system. Higher energy ratings indicate greater efficiency, which translates into lower running costs. A higher star rating indicates the system’s efficiency in heating and cooling, with six stars being the highest rating.


Aside from energy efficiency, safety is also a crucial consideration when it comes to ducted gas heating systems. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a risk that comes with the use of a gas heater, but this can be prevented by having the system regularly serviced and installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Floor vents are the most common way to distribute warm air throughout the house. They are located in strategic areas of the house and are connected to the ducts. The warm air is then pumped through the vents, warming the entire house.

Wasting energy is a common problem with heating systems, but a ducted gas heating system is designed to be efficient. It warms the air before distributing it, ensuring that no energy is wasted on cooling the air first. This means that you can heat your home faster and more efficiently, with lower running costs.

When it comes to home heating, a ducted gas heating system is an affordable and efficient option. It can heat up an entire house or individual zones, providing complete control over the temperature of each room. With its high energy ratings, safety features, and efficient heating, a ducted gas heating system is an investment that will save you money on your energy bills and keep your home warm and comfortable for years to come.

Ducted gas heating, is a simple alternative to keeping your home warm and cozy

Get hot this winter with the Ducted Gas Heating System. As electricity prices rise, gas-driven ducting systems provide efficient and highly effective ways of heating and cooling your home. Installable on existing or refurbished homes; they provide warm air in all rooms through concealed vents on ceilings or walls. The products of Bramar Bonaire & Brivis allow for quick heating and cooling up of varying rooms and homes depending on the way the units are constructed. The standardized size can differ depending on demand (15 to 35 kW) and rating (3 stars to 6 stars).

As a homeowner, you want to be comfortable in your own space, especially during the colder months. One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to keep your home warm is through gas-ducted heating installation. In this comprehensive guide, I will take you through everything you need to know about ducted heating installation, from its benefits to the types of systems available, and even the cost of installation.

How Does Gas Ducted Heating Work?

Gas Ducting Heating is a heating system for the whole house installed on the ceiling and floor. Central heating systems produce heat that draws air from the circulating air grill in the house and utilizing exchanged gas it heats and efficiently heats the air. The ductless cooling system carries heat through the ventilated system to ensure an energy-efficient heat system. Heating via the gas can be controlled by a thermostat that controls the temperature you wish. Your heater system automatically turns on or off to maintain that temperature. The heat is best delivered via a floor vent and provides excellent heat distribution.

Cheaper Heating Cost

Depending on how you want your energy savings to increase, a BRIVIS heating system will have the lowest costs. Estimation of annual cost based on 750 hours used daily. Electric charges were 276.7 cents/kWh and marginal natural gas charges amounted to 0.50c/m2 or 0.66d/m2. The actual cost of your home varies depending on where it sits.

What are Ducted Gas Star Ratings?

The larger the star ratings, the better the efficiency of a heat source. The heating system is available in three-star, four-star, five-star, and six-star versions.

The products are also available with different installation configurations (internal and external), making the system available for most houses. Ducted Gas Heating can be fully adjusted to your needs and the heating system is available for most families but can also be modulated to just a single area of the dwelling. It uses Brivis Zone Plus Control System which allows varying temperatures across the house.

Why Choose Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas-ducted heating is Melbourne’s most common heating solution and offers efficient and economical heating for a large room or apartment. This calculation has been done on average 2-star houses in Melbourne climates. The operating cost in chilly climates in Ballarat can be calculated using the formula multiplying by 1.3. For warmer climates like Milduru multiply this number by 0.7. To estimate the running costs for the house of 5 stars, multiply the numbers by the same number. The number in the six-star house multiplies the number by 0.3.


Dual Comfort – Ducted Gas Heating with Add-On Cooling

Not only can the Ducted Gas Heating System provide strong heating in winter as well as keeping you comfortable during the summer, providing comfort year-round. Integrated with Ducted Gas Heaters, they offer the same control for providing cooling air through the same ductwork and outlets. You’ll have a complete heating and air conditioning solution which works seamlessly and smoothly.

Gas Ducted Heating has the lowest running cost of all home heating as it is fueled by natural gas. Ducting Gas Heating costs vary greatly according to many of the factors above. It is cheapest than electric power in Melbourne and results in lower operating costs compared with ductless refrigeration cooling.

The bigger the floor the bigger the gas heat output you’re gonna need.

An increased rating of stars indicates better energy efficiency and reduces costs.

No matter how warm the outside temperatures get – Gas ducted heating can warm up the whole house with the press of a button. Add-On Cooling is an easy way to mix heat and cooling in a single duct system, keeping you comfortable year-round. Call for an immediate consultation to get a complete Gas Duct Heating Service in Melbourne. Please Contact John’s Refair at (03) 9735 3958 or send an Instant quote online.

Zoning your heating system can provide up to four different zones with unique timer temperature settings and a lower run cost. A single-story building will often require more complex vertical ductwork, adding additional expenses to the initial installation.


Why is my gas ducted heating not working?

Troubleshooting typical duct heating issues – faults: Make sure gas supplies run properly and the pilot lights turn on. Test battery voltages in the thermometer ensuring the manual mode of operation is enabled. Ensure there are no more than 7 outlet hours. Check your filter to return air.

How often should a gas ducted heating be serviced?

Ducted airflow systems should be swept up and maintained once a year. However, re-installing filters can take about 5 – 5 years. It may be advised to replace it earlier to avoid any clogging.

How long should a gas-ducted heating unit last?

Your heating system can typically last up to 30 years, but with regular repairs or replacements, it can extend by up to 25 years.

Should I replace gas ducted heating?

Any ducted gas furnace older than 15 years must be replaced. Older models have less efficiency than the more advanced models and they often suffer from more problems that can become harder and more costly over the years.

Which ducted heating system is the best?

Several of these products feature similar characteristics that should serve the buyer well throughout his lifetime. For people who need to save a lot of money monthly, Brivis and Braemar ducted hotplate heating systems are all among the top class.

Is ducted heating cheaper than a split system?

It is primarily intended to have higher power efficiency and less waste because it is focused exclusively on one room within one home. These units usually cost less than conventional heating units due to their smaller dimensions.

Is ducted heating cheaper to run?

Gas-cooled heating is a good option for many reasons: it is fueled by gas. Heat pumps can be installed in any room with no electricity cost since gas is cheaper.

What is a ducted heating system?

Ducted heating provides heat throughout the house. During the heating process, the heating system combines air drawn from outside the building by the return air grille and then passes through an exchanger heated with evaporated gases in the furnace.

Is ducted gas heating good?

Gas heaters provide high heat capacity in an economical manner and are also more efficient than electric heaters. The gas ducted furnace has one major benefit over the air heating of the house – no matter the size.

Is gas-ducted heating cheaper than a split system?

Gas heating is comparatively less expensive to buy compared to Split-System cooling devices. They aren’t energy efficient either and they use lots of heat. In the long run, gas heating systems are more expensive.

Does ducted heating use a lot of gas?

Because duct heating uses natural fuels to provide consistent heating throughout the house, it has a lower run cost and is considered the most economical heating alternative to electric power.

Is ducted heating expensive?

The system uses gas and provides constant whole-house heating with the lowest operating cost and is seen as the cheaper and costlier alternative to the electricity system.

What is the difference between central heating and ducted heating?

Gas ductless heaters, also called central heating, are used to warm homes. Typically the heating unit is positioned in a ceiling cavity and is then ducted across the home. Air is brought through the heating unit using gas burners.


Is gas central heating cost-effective?

Does heating gas cost more than electricity in 2024? Although gasoline is cheaper and more economical than gasoline, it does require maintenance and electricity is usually cheaper.


Is gas central heating better than electric?

Modern gas boilers become more effective: Modern gas-burning boilers can have up to 90% efficiency making them the best choice for saving money. The gas heat pump has fewer operating costs than electric heaters due to being cheaper to buy.

Is gas central heating expensive?

Compare the Cost of Gas and Electric Heaters. The unit price of gas heating is less expensive in terms of electricity at 10.

How efficient is gas central heating?

Advantages for gas-fired heating. Modern Gas Boiler systems have high energy efficiency – Modern Gas Boilers have a capacity of up to 100% efficiency.

How efficient is gas-ducted heating?

Efficiency that is at 85% or higher.


How much does it cost to install ducted heating in Australia?

Approximately 3000-8000.


Is ducted heating cheaper to run than a split system?

A split unit can be easier installed and cost-effective. Air conditioning systems typically cost at the same level as split systems and typically cost 3-4 times the running cost. The running cost of the heating and ventilation systems is similar to split systems.


How much does it cost to install heating?

You will see different prices depending on the location of the furnace, the size, or the type of furnace. However, the average cost per unit varies from $2670-6575. A full furnace installation will cost $4820 to $9350.

How is ducted heating installed?


Duct heating units are available in many different models and can be installed on the roof, below, or on a wall. It is a very good solution for small homes with minimal walls or floors.


What is better Brivis or Braemar?

“ICE”. Cooling at Brivis: Compared to Braemar, Brivis features another new technology called ICE cool which enables you to control better cooling and heat, resulting in total temperature control year-round. Temperatures are controlled via ductless control panels.


What is cheaper, running the ducted heating or the split system?

A split system can easily be installed and is more economical to maintain. However ductless cooling systems can cost about three or four times the operating cost for split units in some cases. Heating vs insulated heating is similar.


How much does it cost to get a duct heater?

The total heating cost can vary between $1990 and $4000. The actual costs are mainly dependent on various aspects like ductwork condition, zoning, installation difficulty, and the system model.






When it comes to home heating and cooling, the ducted gas heating system is a popular choice for many homeowners. This type of system uses ducts to heat air and distribute it throughout the entire house, making it an efficient way to quickly heat your home.

A gas-ducted heating installation is not only efficient but also affordable to run. Unlike other heating systems that can have high running costs, a ducted gas heater can save money on your energy bills in the long run if used correctly.

To ensure that you get the right advice on the best heating and cooling system for your home, it’s essential to consult with a service provider with experience in installing ducted heating systems. They can help you choose the right energy ratings and star ratings to ensure that your system is efficient and cost-effective.

One of the significant advantages of a ducted heating system is its heating capacity. It can heat the whole home or individual zones, allowing you to control the temperature of each room. This feature is particularly useful for large homes or families who need different heating settings for different rooms.

The ducted gas heating system is also efficient when it comes to warming your home. Unlike other systems that blow cold air before heating, a gas heater warms the air before distributing it through floor vents. This means that you don’t waste energy on cooling before heating, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home.

Another crucial aspect to consider when it comes to heating systems is the issue of carbon monoxide. The use of a gas heater can pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if not installed correctly. To ensure that your system is safe, have it regularly serviced and install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.

If you’re looking for a heating and cooling system that can also provide cooling during the summer months, then a reverse-cycle ducted heating system is an option to consider. This system can heat and cool your home, providing year-round comfort.

In conclusion, a ducted gas heating system is an efficient and affordable way to heat your home. It’s important to choose the right system, have it installed correctly, and have it regularly serviced to ensure its efficiency and safety. With individual zones, efficient heating, and lower running costs, a ducted heating system is a great investment for any homeowner looking to save money.