4 Reasons Why Your Wine Cooler Isn’t Cooling

If you are a true wine aficionado, then you probably have a wine fridge or a wine cooler at home. This is a refrigerator designed specifically for storing wines. It keeps them fresh, and preserves their flavours for extended periods of time. It also allows you to truly flaunt your wine collection in style. But when it comes to dealing with wine coolers, they hardly get the love and attention they deserve. Regardless of how frequently they’re used, it’s a common nightmare for most homeowners to find their precious wines have gone bad due to improper cooling, humidity, lighting, and power issues.

If your wine cooler stops cooling properly, it can be frustrating to say the least. What’s going to happen to your wine collection now? And how do you exactly what is wrong? There are lots of reasons why your wine cooler might not cool as well as it should. Today we’re going to discuss the main 4 reasons why your wine cooler isn’t cooling and why you might need a wine cooler repair.

How Does a Wine Fridge Work?

Before we start trying to diagnose the issue with the wine cooler, it is important to have a basic understanding as to how it works. Wine fridges and coolers rely on either a compressor unit or a thermoelectric unit to cool the inside of the cabinet. This makes them similar to standard refrigerators, except they are built on a smaller scale. When it comes to compressor units, the wine fridge uses a vapor compression cycle to expel hot air inside the cabinet – which is the same technology used in the air conditioning units.

In the case of thermoelectric wine coolers, they get rid of the heat via the Peltier effect. An electric charge is sent through two pieces of conjoined metal. This device, known as the Peltier module, is made of different materials, creating a heat flux and causing the heat to transfer from one sire to the other. As a result, one side of the module gets warm, while the other turns cold. The hot side, which is attached to a heat sink dispels the heat. Meanwhile the cold side can be found in the cooler cabinet interior. As the warm air is absorbed from the inside, it passes through the module directly into the heat sink and is ultimately ejected outside.

Below are 4 potential reasons why your wine fridge needs repairs.

Wine fridge repairs

1: An Issue in the Compressor

The first potential issue with a wine cooler can be a malfunctioning compressor. A failure in this aspect of your unit may lead to temperature issues, lack of power supply, and can lead to starting issues. Another possibility is when the compressor overheats and eventually malfunctions. This can lead to the same issues. The best way to solve this issue is to call qualified professionals like those at John’s Refrigeration. We specialise in wine fridge repairs to ensure your wine cooler is back up and running again in no time. Our vast field of knowledge ensures we have a solution to all your compressor issues.

2: Capacitor Fails to Start the Compressor

The capacitor is what starts the compressor. It sends a boost of energy into it to get it running. If the unit fails to do so, then it is safe to assume the compressor won’t start functioning. This will, in turn, cause your tine to not cool properly. This is a difficult problem to fix and requires the work of professionals. Our wine fridge repair technicians at John’s Refrigeration are second to none. They will be able to diagnose the issue and repair onsite, to get your fridge back up and running, saving your precious wine collection.

3: Broken Thermostatbroken thermostat

Another repeat issues when it comes to broken wine coolers, is what appears to be a broken thermostat. A way of determining this is that the thermostat temperature sensors are not working as well as they should. If a thermostat sensor conveys the wrong information to the wine fridge’s fans, this can lead to it cooling down improperly. It can be very difficult to identify this issue, especially if you have no prior experience in dealing with these kinds of mechanical issues. These kinds of wine fridge repairs need a professional to diagnose and repair them. This ensures the continued integrity of your fridge and the protection of your wines. The team at John’s Refrigeration are experts in diagnosing and repairing difficult and intricate issues like broken and malfunctioning thermostats.

4: A Broken Fan

A broken fan is another clear reason why the temperature inside your wine cooler goes up. This can happen if even just one of the fans are broken. John’s Refrigeration have dealt extensively with issues like these in the past and are able to repair it properly and swiftly. Dust and debris can also cause the fan to become obstructed. This simply needs a professional cleaning to become functional once again.

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