Keep Your Split System Air Con Air Quality Great This Summer!

Summer is here, along with the heat, which means our air conditioners are firing up once again. For many of us, we haven’t used our air conditioners since last summer. With the temperature rising each day, it can be tempting to only focus on cooling your home and nothing else. But air quality in your home can have a huge effect on the health and comfort of your family.

Split System Air Con can Help Control AllergiesSplit System Air Con

If your air conditioner filters are working correctly, they can actually help you fight against allergens. This is great during spring and summer, the peak allergen periods of the year. A split system air conditioner might be able to help you keep pollen and other allergens out of your home.

Pollen and Grass

As flowers bloom across spring and summer, pollen is released into the air. We breathe in this pollen during the day which can irritate our bodies and cause allergies. Further, those allergic to grass find these times of the year more irritating as you and your neighbours are mowing lawns more often.


Pets may be causing you allergies without realising it. Aside from fur, pets also have dander which is what typically causes allergic reactions. You can’t remove dander from a pet entirely but your split system air conditioner can help you control the amount in your home.

Fibres, Bugs and Mites

Not all allergens occur outside the home, but some are actually right inside our walls. Carpets and furniture can hold fibres or dust mites which are known to aggravate those with allergies. These allergens are released into the air whenever someone walks on the carpet or uses the furniture in your home.

Split System Air Con Filters the Air

When your split system air con is working correctly, it can help filter the air within your home. The filter inside your air conditioner, when properly maintained, catches dust, pollen and dander as it passes through the split system air con. As such, less of these allergens make their way into your home. This is especially good for people with allergies as it means that you are able to breath clean air inside your home and reduce allergy symptoms all year round.

Why Air Filters are ImportantSplit System Air Con

Airborne contaminants are come in homes across Australia. Generally they are widespread enough that your body can defend against them. However, prolonged exposure can cause more serious issues, including influenza and asthma, that can be dangerous for children and the elderly.

Ensuring the filter system on your air conditioner is working and clean means you are making the most of air conditioner to improve the air quality in your home. If you believe your air filter isn’t working as it should or it has been a long time since your split system air conditioner was checked by a professional, it is important to have a maintenance technician look at it today before the weather really sets in!

Humidity and Split System Air Con

Split system air con helps control the humidity levels in your home. This means you are cool and comfortable at the height of summer. However, it also means you can better control your allergies. Certain allergens thrive in humid conditions and can grow unchecked without controlling humidity.

Humidity imbalances in your home can cause problems. Humid air can cause mould to grow, endangering the health of you and your family. Further, if your split system air conditioner is leaking water or causing water to form in your home, you may soon experience water damage. As such, you should always have your split system air conditioner checked to ensure that the humidity levels in your home are being correctly managed by your system. Contact an experienced air conditioner technician today to ensure your air conditioner is running as it should.

Make Your Home Comfortable This Summer with a Split System!

If it has been a long time between your last air conditioner maintenance or you are concerned about your indoor air quality, it is best to call a professional to check your system before summer really strikes. If you need a repair done to your split system or you need to upgrade your out of date air conditioner, a qualified air conditioner installer can advise on the best option. You can breath easier knowing you’ve made the right choice for your home, that your split system air con is working properly, and your air quality is the best it can be.

If you would like to learn more about split system air con, enquire about air conditioner installation, or have your split system checked and repaired before the height of Summer, contact John’s Refair today!