Air Conditioner Repairs Before Summer!

Summer is here and with some comes heat. Which means your air conditioner is about to become your new best friend. But after sitting silent or winter, your air conditioner might be in the need of some maintenance to get it ready for the strains of summer. AC problems tend to come up right when you need your AC the most. So here are our top repairs you might need to make before using your air conditioner this summer.

air conditioner repairs

Why has my air conditioner stopped working?

We get asked this question a lot. And often there’s a simple cause to the issue that, if diagnosed early, would have been less expensive. If customers had their air conditioner maintained once a year by a professional, most of the common issues below could be avoided.

Air conditioners are like any other piece of equipment – they need to be regularly maintained to prevent costly AC repair, and extend the life of the system. A regular maintenance program will help homeowners avoid expensive repairs and replacements down the road, especially in the heat of an Australian summer. It can also help improve efficiency, so the air conditioning unit uses less power and lasts longer.

Refrigerant Leaks

Many air conditioners need chemicals – known as refrigerants – to run. However older systems – or cheap air conditioning systems – can begin to leak refrigerant. When air conditioners leak it means it can’t – and won’t be – cooling your home. Further, when refrigerant leaks it’s a sign that there’s problems with your air conditioner as the refrigerant is designed to stay within your air conditioner for the life of the system. Air conditioner repairs for leaking refrigerant involve fixing the sealing of your air conditioner. A yearly maintenance for your air conditioner will help your technician check for issues like refrigerant leaks and stop them before they become a major problem.

air conditioner repairs

Keeping Condensate Lines Clean

Clogged condensate lines can be bad news. They cause water to back up in your home due to debris and dust build up in your air conditioner. Keeping condensate lines clean is important to stop moisture and water damage to your walls, as well as circulate bad air through your home. Getting your air conditioner cleaned at least once a year by a professional can help you avoid costly air conditioner repairs!

Worn or Broken Fan Belts

Another easy to prevent issue is worn or broken fan belts. This small part is easy for a qualified technician to remove and replace, for relatively little costs. A broken fan belt can cause damage to your air conditioner as well as cause an annoying, squeaking noise. Yearly maintenance can help detect a worn or broken fan belt before you need to use your air conditioner. Why suffer through a hot summer for something that can be so easily repaired?

Replacing Major Components

This is definitely not something you want to deal with in the middle of the vicious Australian summer heat. Getting the right part to repair your air conditioner can be difficult and take time. It is also extremely expensive. You don’t want that shock, especially after the expense of Christmas. It is better to get your air conditioner repaired sooner rather than later. Yearly inspections by a qualified air conditioner technician can save you a lot of money and frustration that you just don’t need in summer!

What can regular air conditioner maintenance do?ac repairs

One of the most common service items is a simple cleaning of your air conditioning unit. This can prevent a wide range of issues by preventing your air supply being obstructed. However, if filters are not cleaned regularly by professionals, they can collect dust and debris that slowly choke the unit, making the air conditioner work hard. Not only will your power bill go up, the air conditioner will become damaged and require repairs or replacement.

Poor maintenance effects everyone in the house hold. Your health, and the health of your family, can be impacted by bad air and leaking refrigerants. Older family members, young children, and family members with allergies will be impacted the most by badly performing or broken air conditioner. A dirty air conditioner will take in good air and turn it bad.

Finally, an experienced maintenance team will be able to detect problems before they affect you and your family at the height of summer. Air conditioner maintenance can prevent you from experiencing costly air conditioner repairs. If you don’t have a maintenance plan in place for your conditioner, call John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning today. We can help you with all your repair, replacement and air conditioner maintenance needs.