Four Seasons in One Day – Why You Need More Efficient Heating!

Melbournians love to boast about how we can experience four seasons in one day. This is especially true this year with the average temperature being nearly 2 degrees lower than last year! Victorian makes up over one-third of Australia’s new ducted heating installations. This shows how important it is to have an efficient heating system and a liveable temperature all year round. Inverted ducted heating is rising in popularity, due to it being perfect for Melbourne’s crazy weather, and here are our reasons why!

Efficient and Cost Effective

Inverted ducted heating is rising in popularity as it is easily installed in existing ducted heating. It has all the benefits of ducted heating, reaching all rooms of your home or office. It also has impressive, consistent output with little energy. This saves you money in the long run. Some people even find themselves saving over $500 on their energy bills. And, unlike other types of heaters that rely on motors and electricity, ducted heating burns constantly so there are no hot “spikes” or cold “dips” in your heating.

Further, offices and open plan living spaces are easiest to temperature control without the need for multiple systems. Inverted ducted heating is also cheaper than reverse cycle rivals., which struggle in colder weather.

Energy Conservation

Inverted ducted heating constantly burns natural gas and so it naturally uses less energy. These systems are designed to use energy more intelligently and sporadically. Ducted heating comprehensively heats throughout the home, without causing cold spots. Strategic placement of ducts in rooms means you can heat each room too different temperatures without cooling down the entire house. It also means your heating and cooling is reliable through all seasons, as the inverted nature of the system means you can be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Air and Noise Quality

Ducted heating can actually increase the air quality in your home. The filter is designed to clean and filter out dust, pollen, and other allergens – simultaneously. It minimises unwanted home environments by maintain a natural humidity in the air, without the air being too dry or too humid. You don’t get the same stuffy, heavy air from other systems – including combustion systems.

Further, inverted systems don’t create the same noise pollution as other heating and cooling systems.

Environmentally Friendly

Inverted ducted heating uses natural gas. Burning natural gas is an organic, clean process that mimics natural processes. In fact, inverted ducted heating has far less emissions compared to electric alternatives. It has been found that ducted heating leaves the smallest carbon footprint of all heating and cooling options.


carbon monoxide john's refair

Like all heating and cooling systems, inverted ducted heating does need to be routinely serviced. You should schedule a service at least once a year, to clear out the filters from dust and other pollutants. A clogged up ducted system will start to affect the air flow. You should also keep ducts open in all rooms, not just those you are using. There is a myth that closing yo9ur ducts makes the heater more efficient but it actually impedes the air flow throughout the system. Instead, leave your ducts open to stop from overworking the system.

Finally, it is important to get your system serviced to ensure you prevent dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that can cause severe health issues for your family. Leaks can occur from cracked heat exchangers inside poorly maintained systems. A professional heating serviceman can check to ensure you don’t have any dangerous cracks or leaks.

If you would like to have your ducted heater serviced or would like to talk about installing an inverter system, contact John’s Refair today. Our team of professionals are happy to help you out!