What’s that Smell? Signs You Need Commercial Air Conditioner Repair!

There is nothing like escaping the heat of the Australian summer sun by stepping into a blissfully cold building. It helps keep your employees safe and health, as well as make your customers comfortable. But if your air conditioner is starting to emit unusual smells, you might have a problem on your hand! And you need to fix it before it becomes a costly replacement job.

Stale or Musty Smells from Air Conditionerscommercial air conditioner repair

One of the main jobs expected of a commercial air conditioner is to dehumidify the air before pushing it into your building. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for your air conditioning system to become a home to mould and mildew. If left unattended, due to a lack of professional maintenance, mould and mildew can grow inside your air conditioner. These release spores that cause mould and mildew to spread throughout the building. Further they will affect the health and well being of your employees and customers.

Burning Odours Signal You Need Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

The smell of anything burning can be alarming. When we smell a burning scent from our commercial air conditioner systems, it can bring to mind the thought of burning wires. Air conditioners run thanks to a myriad internal components including fans and motors. These can become overheated when they are not properly maintained. Mechanical failure or loose wire connections can cause this burning smell. However, it takes an expert eye to find the origin of this burning smell. It is extremely important that you call a professional commercial air conditioner repair service immediately after you detect the smell of burning from your air conditioner to prevent further damage and danger.

Gunpowder or Exhaust Smells from Air Conditioning

Similar to the smell of burning are the smells of gun power (think of the old cap guns we’d use as children) and exhaust. A gun powder smell can signal a shorted out circuit boar or a broken fan motor. Both of which need to be fixed before they cause greater problems, including fires. The smell of exhaust is related to the leaking of air conditioner engine fluids. This also needs to be addressed immediately before the problem becomes worse and creates a volatile situation in your business. If you encounter any unusual smells like these, it is important for a professional to check them as soon as possible. Thankfully, in Melbourne, there are fantastic 24/7 repair services, like those from John’s Rfair, who can be at your workplace within an hour.

Rotten Egg Odour from Building Air Conditionercarbon monoxide john's refair

This kind of smell is one of the most obnoxious in a workplace and you will want to fix it right away, for everyone’s sake! Not only is the smell unpleasant but it can also signal a dangerous natural gas leak. If you encounter this smell in your business it is best to evacuate your employees and customers. Immediately call your gas supplier and an experienced commercial air conditioner repairer.

Dirty Socks Smell from Commercial Air Conditioning

No one wants to sit surrounded by the smell of dirty feet. If your air conditioner is emitting this smell you might have an issue with the build up of stagnant water and huge colonies of bacteria. Yes, huge! This can significantly impact the health of your employees and customers. When your air conditioner is not properly draining water, it can get stuck and begin to smell. Ensuring that you get a professional to come in and maintain your commercial air conditioner can help stop this problem from happening. They will be able to diagnose possible drainage issues before they occur and make necessary repairs.

Decay and Similar Smells from Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

These can be some of the most distressing and obnoxious smells associated with commercial air conditioning. These can occur when a bird or rodent has found their way into the air conditioner system, become trapped and died. If you do not get regular maintenance done on your air conditioner then these unfortunate animals go unfound until they reach the point of decomposition. This smell won’t improve on its own and will cause distress for your staff and customers. It is highly important that a professional is called as soon as these odours become apparent. Having regular maintenance checks for your system can stop this becoming an issue in the first place.

Get Your Commercial Air Conditioner Repaired Today!

There’s nothing worse than losing customers and even staff to an issue that is relatively simple to address. The moment you notice any kind of unappealing odour from your air conditioner you need to act quickly. However, ensuring you organise routine maintenance for your commercial air conditioner can stop many of these issues from ever occurring. If you are in need of repairs for your commercial air conditioning system or organise some routine maintenance, contact John’s Refair today. With technicians available within an hour of your call, we are always ready and willing to help!