Save Money on Your Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning System Expenses

Whether it is winter or summer, we all like our work and home to be comfortable. But in summer especially, the cost of our energy bills can be astronomical. But you can save money and still keep your home cool! John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PL recommends doing the following to keep your air conditioning system expenses down this summer!

Firstly, turn your air conditioning on in the mornings and set it to 22C. This keeps the home cool all day. Trying to cool an already hot room means it will take longer to cool the room and it will mean your running current is higher. All this adds up to a higher energy bill!

Secondly, before leaving for work, close the curtains and any outside blinds around your home to stop heat coming in through your windows. Windows can cause up to 40% of the heat in your home! Set your air conditioning to 22-24C and enjoy a cool, comfortable home after work!

Thirdly, check any leaks in your home are fixed. Gaps under doors and windows that lead to the outside can let hot air creep in. Fixing these gaps can help you lower the temperature in your home without over-taxing your air conditioning system.

Professional Air Conditioning System Installation and Maintenance

Finally, ensure your air conditioner has routine maintenance. Air conditioners that are running poorly, that have leaks or are simply too old can cause excessive energy bills in summer. Pending money now to fix or update your system will save you hundreds in the long run.

Our four simple tips can help you save money this summer! If you need advice on how to set up your home or office for best and cheapest cooling system, call us on 9735 3958 any time. John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’s expert technicians will ensure all repairs and installations are quick, easy and professionally done, giving you ease of mind. We service all Melbourne suburbs, so call us today!