Welcome to the New John’s Refrigeration Shop!

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is excited to announce the opening of our new store. We have a great range of products available from air conditioner units to control systems, to vital replacement parts for your system.

Join us today as we explain some of the exciting products we have available now!

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Avanti Air Conditioner Series

Seamlessly combining European design with superior Japanese engineering, the Avanti Series of wall mount, split system air conditioners are top of the line. As a result, they are one of our favourite air conditioner systems. Which is why we are featuring them in our new online store.

TENSA, award winning Italian designers, are behind the development of the Avanti series. They feature sleek and stylish design. They also incorporate a range of convenient features and functions. Further, the Avanti is compatible with wifi solutions.

With a range of capacities and coming in both reverse cool and cool-only models. They are best for small to medium spaces. They also offer the perfect heating and cooling solution for a wide range of applications. The allergen clear system also works well to capture allergens and neutralise bacteria.

KX System

The high performance KX system comes in a wide variety of sizes. The can also be combined to make them ideal for your commercial applications. This is a versatile system that offers variable temperatures and capacity control. This improves efficiency and operation, which is why we love this range!

Further, the KX system offers simple and flexible solutions for industrial and commercial applications. They also allow up to 80 indoor units for in a single system. The KX features sophisticated control, combined wit a high level of technology. This ensures a reduction in energy consumption and high efficiency rates.

The heat pump system on the KX operates interconnecting pipes and provide either heating or cooling operation to all indoor units. It is suitable for a wide range of applications from individual apartments to an entire multistorey building. It can also control multiple indoor areas.

Find out more about our wide range of products and devices today. Click here to view our products today. Or, if you need air conditioner repairs or installation, contact the team today!

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