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A working refrigerator is the mainstay of almost all elements of our modern lifestyle. Whether at home or in the workplace, you need your refrigeration working. When your fridge breaks down, you need reliable refrigeration repair.

John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning provides Melbourne’s best refrigeration service. Our team can help you when your home, commercial or industrial fridge has stopped working or if you need a part replaced.

How Much Does Refrigerator Repair Cost?

The cost of your repair will depend on a variety of factors. One factor is the age, make and efficiency of the fridge. There is no point in repairing refrigerators that are older than 15 years and are not performing as expected.

While maintenance can improve the life-span of a refrigerator, you may need to replace older refrigerators as repair costs are often more than the purchase price of a new refrigerator.

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What Would Cause a Refrigerator to Stop Getting Cold?

There are several possible reasons why your refrigerator has stopped getting cold. These include:

  • The fridge is not getting power
  • Your fridge thermostat has been turned down by mistake
  • Clogged coils are causing poor cooling
  • The condenser fan has a clog and no longer spins freely

If you are not sure how or why your refrigerator has stopped cooling, contact John’s Refair today. We can help diagnose the problem and get repair underway!

How Long Does a Refrigerator Last?refrigeration technician

The life span of a refrigerator depends on how often you use it. As a major appliance, however, a refrigerator tends to have a longer life time than other home appliances. The average refrigerator will last about 13 years, but can last longer with routine maintenance.

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How Do I Know If My Fridge is Broken?

A refrigerator cycles off and on as it maintains its set temperature. So it’s no surprise when clients say they thought their refrigerator was simply cycling off when it was actually broken. Warm food or a defrosting fridge are obvious signs of refrigeration malfunction.

Further, if there are broken power lights, no lights inside the fridge, or no hum from your refrigerator, then it is likely the system is malfunctioning. However, if the motor is humming but the temperature is still too warm, then there is likely a broken or breaking compressor, thermostat, relay or defrost timer.

A warm refrigerator is not the only sign of a broken or malfunctioning fridge. Frost build up is also an issue which causes temperature fluctuations inside the refrigerator.

Is your refrigerator running warm, hot or suffering from frost build up? Contact John’s Refair today for help!

Home Service Refrigerator Repair

Don’t wait for your fridge to break down – get your local refrigeration repair service for help. The team at John’s Refair to help you maintain it with yearly check-ups! We offer in homes refrigeration repair with highly trained refrigeration technicians. This is especially important for commercial refrigeration so you don’t suffer expensive break downs that cost you time and money and stop you running your business.

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Commercial Refrigeration Melbourne

Commercial refrigeration and freezers are often in need of some form of maintenance. When commercial refrigeration breaks down, you need a qualified mechanic to fix the problem. Our team has the commercial refrigeration knowledge and skill to ensure your refrigeration equipment installation and maintenance is done properly.

John’s Refair understands that a reliable refrigeration system plays a key role in your business. As a result, we have refrigeration repair technicians ready and waiting for your call.

Contact us today for our quick and successful refrigeration service and repair.

Industrial Refrigeration Services

John’s Refair offers both commercial and industrial refrigeration repairs, allowing us to help you whether you are a bar, café, butcher, supermarket or corporate customers. Talk to use today about setting up a preventative maintenance contract for your business. If your refrigeration system has malfunctioned, contact us now for emergency repair services!

Refrigerator Repair Manbroken fridge

However, if your fridge is on the fritz, contact John’s Refair now. We always have a fridge technician on standby, ready to help you fix your fridge today! As a result, we can provide your service within an hour, as well as emergency response services.

Further, our fridge service is completed by qualified fridge technicians who can diagnosis your problem onsite and are equipped with vans stocked with a wide range of parts. As a result this enables us to carry out most repairs onsite, the same day. We understand your clients want their refrigeration problems problem quickly, and painlessly, fixed.

Our Melbourne fridge mechanics work with you to get the job done as soon as possible. Whether you have a commercial fridge, a home refrigeration system or a simple bar or wine cooler, John’s Refair can get it back in working order.

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Emergency Refrigerator Repair

When you need emergency fridge repairs in Melbourne, contact our team today. We are not only Melbourne’s number one fridge repair company, we are also experts in emergency refrigerate air conditioning repair.

John’s Refair has technicians ready to take your call, now, and help you with your emergency repair needs. We are experts in in home, commercial and industrial repairs.

For the best refrigerator repair in Melbourne, contact John Refrigeration and Air Conditioning now!

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