Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs in Melbourne

1 Hour Response Time! Call 03 9735 3958.

No longer endure freezing winter nights or scorching summer days with a malfunctioning air conditioner, thanks to our 24hr emergency air conditioning repair service. We provide urgent heating and evaporative cooling repairs to domestic, commercial and industrial clients, throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As a result our team will quickly respond to your immediate needs with fast and effective temperature solutions

24 Hour Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

A broken air conditioner can severely affect comfort levels and business prospects. By creating an uncomfortable working environment, it can reduce sales, productivity and customer satisfaction as a result. At John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PL, we provide prompt and efficient repairs, so you can quickly return to your routine. We respond to heating, cooling and refrigeration problems within the next three hours of your call. Our emergency hotline is monitored 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. This means that we are always available to meet your needs. Our team never misses a call or an opportunity to fix customer problems.

Your Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Man

At John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning PL, we will instantly address your immediate needs. Our service vans are always stocked with common spare parts and tools, so we can quickly come to your aid. This avoids extra costs and lengthy delays. Our repairmen can expertly fix thermostats, fan motors and compressors to get your system back in shape in no time.

Call on our professional repair team for all of your gas heater service or cooling needs. If you need an emergency air conditioning repair service today, then please give us a call on 03 9735 3958 and we will respond to your problem within the next three hours. To book a regular service, give us a ring on 03 9735 3958 or fill out our online enquiry forms.