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With summer fast approaching it is time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your home cool. With so many options on the market it can be hard to decide what cooling system is right for your home, unit or apartment. At John’s Refair we are dedicated to helping you make the right choice so you, your family and your pets will have the perfect, chilled out, summer!

DCAC Cooling System or Ducted Cooling Air-Conditioning

DCAC or Ducted Cooling Air-Conditioning is a popular cooling system for homes and offices. Rather than bulky air-conditioning units that take up a good deal of wall space, ducted air-conditioning is a cooling system that works through ducts, very much like ducted heating. Ducted systems can be installed in new homes or tailored to fit existing ones. Once installed only the temperature controller, return air and discharge grilles will be visible, making this the perfect discrete cooling system option for your home.

Ducted cooling air-conditioners consist of an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit can easily be concealed in the ceiling or under the floor while the outdoor unti can be placed in a discrete location outside the home. Flexible ducting can be positioned throughout the house, making this cooling system a great choice.

Inverter Technology Cooling System

Many people are confused on what exactly is inverter technology. While initially more expensive than traditional, constant speed cooling systems, inverter systems balance out their cost with lower energy bills. Inverter air-conditioning systems are quieter, have lower running costs and have fewer breakdowns than their traditional counterparts. Their increased efficiency means the life of their parts is extended, making an inverter cooling system last longer than traditional systems.

Inverter cooling systems work differently to traditional, constant speed systems, thanks to the “inverter”. This part controls the speed of the air conditioning motor to continually regulate temperature. It controls the speed of the motor, automatically changing the cooling and heating output. A micro-controller samples the ambient air and adjusts the speed of the compressor accordingly, to keep your room at a constant temperature without over-taxing your cooling system. An excellent energy saver, it is worth checking if your new cooling system uses inverter technology.

Split Type Aircon Cooling System

Like inverter technology, many people are confused as to what exactly split type aircon cooling systems are. Split system refers to the fact that the air conditioner service or system is split into two units – and outdoor unit and an indoor unit connected by a small conduit of tubing. They are far less bulky than traditional ducted systems and window systems, with both units being easily hidden from sight.

Thank to its simplicity, split type aircon doesn’t require major installation. The conduit only needs a small hole to connect the inside and outside units. And as many as four inside units can be connected to a single outside unit! This is called a multi-split cooling system.

While the initial cost of a split-type cooling system is higher than your traditional window mounted system and requires air conditioner installation, the amount you will save on energy bills more than makes up for it

AC Mini Cooling System

AC Mini Cooling Systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. Also known as mini-splits or mini split-systems, they have incredible potential for residential and commercial buildings(commercial air conditioning service). The are most popular in “retro-fits” for homes with non-ducted heating and cooling systems, allowing home owners to cool and heat rooms their current systems can’t reach. These cooling systems(include fridge repair) are also popular for apartments where extending ducted systems might not be possible.

Like all split systems, Mini AC cooling systems have an indoor and outdoor unit connected by a conduit. This outdoor unit can connect to up to four indoor units, as needed. This allows you to zone off rooms or areas of the house and only cool or heat where you require. Each zone can have its own thermostat so you can control the temperature as you wish. Thanks to their size, these systems are far more flexible when it comes to interior design and are often fitted with a high-tech-look jacket in order to blend into the background. Most systems will come with a remote that allows even better control of the temperature.

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