6 Tips to Keep Your Air Conditioner Happy This Summer

With the weather warming up and Summer just on the horizon, now is the best time to start thinking about how you will keep your home cool this summer. And part of keeping cool is ensuring your air conditioner is working well! Here are our 6 tips on keeping your air conditioning unit happy this summer.


air conditioning cooling system john's refairOne: Use Your Windows Wisely!

If your area gets cool overnight, make sure you turn off your system and open your windows. This allows cool air to accumulate in the house while you are sleeping. In the morning, simply close the windows and blinds to capture the cool air indoors. You can maximise this by installing window coverings that help prevent heat gain through your windows.

Two: Learn How to Use Your Thermostat!

Too few people know how to get the best out of their cooling systems without a skyrocketing power bill! Try to keep your thermostat as comfortably close to the outdoor air as possible – because the smaller the difference in temperature between outdoors and in, the lower your power costs! When you are out of the house, try keeping your house slightly warmer. Only lower the thermostat when you come home and need the cool air.

Resist the temptation to set your thermostat to a colder temperature than normal. There is a myth that this will cool your house quicker but the reality is that it will only result in a higher power bill! Be patient and lower your temperature gradually.

Three: Fans and Ventilation Are Your Friends!

Combining ceiling fans, ventilation and your cooling system is the best way to beat the heat and keep your costs down. Ceiling fans increase the cooling efficiency of your system by creating a wind chill effect. This actually allows you to set your air conditioner as much as 2C warmer than you would without a fan!

When you shower or take a bath, take advantage of your ventilation fans to draw the heat and humidity from your home. Laundries can also benefit from spot ventilation and this will further help draw hot air out of the house.air conditioning cooling system john's refair

Make sure you check that all ventilation systems – including kitchen ventilation – release hot air outside the house and not into the roof space. Otherwise you risk trapping a big bubble of heat inside your home.

Turn off your ceiling fans when you leave the room. Ceiling fans don’t cool rooms, only people. This is due to the wind chill effect they create. Don’t waste money letting them run in empty rooms!

Four: Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Well!

Keeping your air conditioner in pristine condition might sound fussy but it is the best way to save on costs this summer. Schedule regular maintenance for all your cooling equipment to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely.

Try to avoid placing TVs, lamps and other heat-producing appliances close to your thermostat. The thermostat can get a false heat reading from these appliances. This can cause your air conditioner to run cooler and longer than necessary.

Make sure your furniture doesn’t block your cooling system’s registers, causing your system to overload. These registers can also build up quite a lot of dust, so make sure you vacuum them regularly!

air conditioning cooling system john's refairFive: Don’t Let Your Appliances Bake You!

While we don’t notice it so much in the cooler months, in summer it can quickly become obvious how much heat our appliances give off! Try to avoid using heat generating devices, like TVs, computers, hair styling devices, stereos and dishwashers, as much as possible. This will help stop heat build-up in your home.

On hot days, try to avoid using your oven, opt to use your microwave or stove top instead. On non-Fire Ban days, a BBQ outside is the best option of all!

Take advantage of natural light as much as possible, without letting the heat in. The longer you can keep your electric lights off, the better, as only about 10-15% of electricity used in indoor lighting actually gets converted to light! The rest simply adds to the heat build-up in your home.

Finally, be smart about hot water use. Avoid long baths, aiming for shorter showers instead. Try not to use your dishwasher and only run your washing machine for a full load. Rather than tumble drying your clothing, consider air drying if you have the space!

Six: Keep that Heat Out!air conditioning cooling system john's refair

Keeping heat out of your home is important. We’ve already discussed using window furnishings to block out heat from your windows. But heat can also creep through cracks and openings around your home.

Look out for these cracks and make sure you seal them off with caulk or weather stripping. This stops your leaky doors and windows from letting in excess heat. Even new homes can suffer from heat leaking problems, so double and triple check!

Do you need further help ensuring you’re all set up for summer? Contact John’s Refair today to discuss the perfect cooling system for your home.