3 Useful Facts About Refrigeration Service

It’s the biggest and most used appliance in the home and it’s the one appliance we forget about the most. You know when it’s well stocked, you know when it’s empty, but it’s unlikely that you know when it’s time to service your fridge until it’s too late.

If you service your fridge regularly, it’s more likely to last longer, with less major issues. Make minor adjustments when needed and your fridge will last longer than if you forget about it.

So when should you book in a service? Your fridge will tell you.

refrigeration technician

The subtle signs your due for a refrigeration service

Motor is running longer than normal

It’s interesting how the human ear tunes out the hum of a fridge motor. What’s also interesting is how we can notice how it has been running for a while. A motor that runs consistently is trying to maintain the temperature inside the fridge.

This could indicate any number of issues, for example, the motor might not be running effectively.

The fridge isn’t cold
A warm interior shows that your fridge isn’t maintaining a cold temperature. We’ve touched on motor issues, but this could also indicate broken seals. If there are any gaps between the seal and fridge, it’s very likely that your fridge’s cold air is escaping, meaning your motor will need to work harder.

Food is spoiling
You might not notice that your fridge is warming up, but you might notice your food spoiling, or the stuff in your freezer not staying frozen. This is another example of the two signs above.

Ice build-up
If ice is starting to build up in a frost-free freezer, your fridge needs a service! This sign is a little more obvious.

Higher energy bills
When your fridge is working overtime, it will use more electricity and therefore push your energy bills through the roof.

The must have refrigeration service qualifications
You need to remember that there are many skills required to repair a refrigerator – they are electrical appliances that need a fair bit of plumbing knowledge.

John’s Refair technicians have the following qualifications:

  • Electrical Contractor Licence: REC d2229
  • Plumbing Contractor Licence: 40799
  • Refrigerant Licence: AU00648
  • ARC Tick Certified

Each qualification is vital to ensure that your refrigeration system works at its best for a while longer.

Why a 3-hour response time is necessary

John’s Refair service personnel carry equipment to take your call at any time of the day. Their vehicles are kitted out with the right tools and spare parts to get the job done.

A 3-hour response time from your first call is necessary to give your technician time to familiarise themselves with your fridge. Household and commercial fridges are designed differently.

This response time will also allow the technician to ensure that they have the right parts for your fridge on-board. Additional time at the start will mean that there is less chance of your technician having to restock, so your fridge is back up and running as soon as possible.

For domestic and commercial refrigeration servicing and repair at any time of day or night, contact John’s Refair or call 03 9735 3958