Our 3 Top Reasons Why You Should Install an Air Conditioner this Spring!

People always ask us when the best time is to install an air conditioner. At John’s Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, we recommend Spring as the perfect time to install or replace your air conditioner. Reduced demand for air conditioning, better availability, and no rush to buy gives you an advantage over those trying to install in Summer. So here are our top three reasons why you should buy or replace your air conditioner in Spring!

1: Schedule to Suit Your Needs!

During the scorching heat of Australian Summers, air conditioning installers are busy repairing, maintaining, and installing air conditioning systems. Further, Winter and Autumn are typically busy seasons with repairmen and installers maintaining and installing split systems, as well as heating systems. As a result, trying to install or replace a new system outside of Spring sees you competing with emergency repairs, increased sales, and seasonal maintenance calls. During Spring, however, professional installers have the flexibility to meet your schedule. This means you don’t have to fit your schedule around your new installation – pick the best time for you and your family!
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2: No Rush!

Installing an air conditioner in Summer can leave you feeling rushed and harassed. You might feel pressured into making a discussion so installers can work you into their busy schedule. You might not have the chance to choose the best options for your home and family, leading to a waste of money and time. Planning ahead of time, such as in Spring, gives you plenty of time to compare and make the best decision. By having your system installed in Spring you can take the time to research different units and talk to your professional AC installer. When you’re not in a hurry to buy, you have the time to have your home professionally evaluated so you get the best air conditioning system for your home. A properly sized and installed system extends the life of your air conditioner and saves you money in the long run!

3: Beat the Heat!

Australian Summers are no joke. With heat stroke and scorching temperatures always a threat, it is best to be prepared. Before the first heat wave hits, install a good air conditioner that fits perfectly for your home. Planning well ahead of time, in Spring, you can save yourself, and your family, from uncomfortable, sweaty days and nights.

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